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Занятия с группой в Амстердаме

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Идет набор учащихся

на курсы английского языка в группы школьников и взрослых на новый учебный год.

Занятия организуются в группах для начинающих изучение языка, продолжающих и совершенствующихся в английском языке.

Занятия проводятся в специально оборудованном современными техническими средствами обучения классе в центре города
(ул. Энгельса, 23 А, 3-й этаж).

Записаться на курсы можно по тел. 67-33-07;
55-21-57; 8-910 760 1214
или по электронной почте:

Trust me,
you will feel yourselves happier

Dear Sergei,

As you see from the photo we have left Christmas behind, we listened to our Queen’s speech on the 25-th of December.

I would like to congratulate the students of your course, to wish them a happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

I want to underline the importance of your English course for the people (their ages don’t matter). I wish all of them to aspire development of their skills in English, to realize that this language touches all spheres of our life: beginning from international importance and our modern equipment, even in the kitchen. Do not stop studying this language, try to practice it as much as possible in your correspondence, reading , travelling. Trust me, you will feel yourselves happier especially when you can express your points of views and to be understood.
Try, achieve, develop, study are the most necessary verbs for realizing the importance of English nowadays.

Best wishes and regards from Tamara
(ex-teacher of English in one of the Smolensk schools, now a British citizen, living in the county of Essex in the U.K.)

P.S. What about your plans for travelling this year? Are you going to visit our island again? Some events will make our island famous this year, I mean the Olympic games.

214014, г. Смоленск,
ул. Энгельса, 23А
3-й этаж
Тел.: 8-910-760-1214;
67-33-07; 65-69-83
© 2010 Сергей В. Монахов