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Занятия с группой в Амстердаме

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Идет набор учащихся

на курсы английского языка в группы школьников и взрослых на новый учебный год.

Занятия организуются в группах для начинающих изучение языка, продолжающих и совершенствующихся в английском языке.

Занятия проводятся в специально оборудованном современными техническими средствами обучения классе в центре города
(ул. Энгельса, 23 А, 3-й этаж).

Записаться на курсы можно по тел. 67-33-07;
55-21-57; 8-910 760 1214
или по электронной почте:

Уважаемому Лао Ши
и его талантливым ученикам
пишет из поднебесной
Elite Asia Consulting Group

Артем Шаров

Артем Шаров,
бывший ученик С.В. Монахова:

"Dear Young ones,
Little Seniors continuing your studies

Unbelievable, you (or maybe parents helped a bit, ha?) realized that you need to improve your English and bring it onto the next level so that you can speak more fluently and possibly convert the fun into a professional skill. I could not do it when I was your age and Sergei Vladimirovich did push me quite some time (especially to learn new words in the US). 

The world is changing fast. Some 15 years ago for a good job English was a plus, now it is a must, and Chinese is a plus. :-)

I welcome you all to this exciting new chapter of your lives with the best Lao Shi in Smolensk!

My best wishes,

Artiom Sharov
Elite Asia Consulting Group

Dear Grown-ups,
Mature Seniors continuing your studies,

Well, well, well. Back to the desk? No way, go have a beer and stuff. Life is too short to master your English. Seems like, your English is at the level you can already express yourself. It is enough! Who needs your subjunctive mood in Turkey or verbal phrases in Egypt? Comparing to those fat dudes from the middle of nowhere in Siberia (is it in Russia at all?) with two blondies on their knees you are next to Gods, really. Who needs more?

Well, seriously, I really respect you need. This is both hard and time-consuming, but it’s worth. In my case it was crucial.

The world is changing so fast. Nobody needs basic English any more, if we speak professionally. I am profoundly convinced that in all our cases (those who had the honor to be Mr. Monakhov’s student at some stage of their lives) Sergei Vladimirovich was the Key. The best man in his class. The best man in his field. (I believe now I can even put it as “top dog”, but would suggest you shouldn’t).

So, do try to catch up with the real Key for the real English lock (not the “slam lock” you might think of) in the Key Town. I am sure you can!
And remember: the more you sweat in times of peace the less you bleed in war.

I welcome you to this exciting new chapter of your lives with the best Lao Shi in Smolensk!

My best wishes and warm welcome to all!

Artiom Sharov
Elite Asia Consulting Group".

214014, г. Смоленск,
ул. Энгельса, 23А
3-й этаж
Тел.: 8-910-760-1214;
67-33-07; 65-69-83
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