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Занятия с группой в Амстердаме

Идет набор учащихся

на курсы английского языка в группы школьников и взрослых на новый учебный год.

Занятия организуются в группах для начинающих изучение языка, продолжающих и совершенствующихся в английском языке.

Занятия проводятся в специально оборудованном современными техническими средствами обучения классе в центре города
(ул. Энгельса, 23 А, 3-й этаж).

Записаться на курсы можно по тел. 67-33-07;
55-21-57; 8-910 760 1214
или по электронной почте:

Новогоднее поздравление из Англии

First and foremost, Happy New Year, Happy Christmas or Happy Hanukah (depending on which religious denomination some of you may belong to).
Ilya Prigozhin

I am back at the college teaching and, therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I`m thinking of your teacher and you right now, simply because in Russia you still have seven days (your holiday break is till the 10th of January, or so I am told) to lay about or, perhaps, to finish another chapter of "The Catcher in the Rye". What a marvelous and truly inspirational book this is! This was the first unabridged book I have ever read, and, my god, did I struggle with it (in terms of English). However, Sergey Vladimirovich as always proved to be indispensable in getting me through the book, lavishing me in assistance and encouragement, or, alternatively, using brutal force when necessary to whip me into shape...

Recently, I have visited the web site for SMenglish, where one can find a large stash of praise directed at your teacher and the tips on how to spend your time wisely, all these provided by a wide range of former students. Therefore, I am not going to get all preachy, I am sure that by now you have already realised yourselves that the opportunity to be taught English by the best teacher in Smolensk, and, undoubtedly, one of the best ones in the former USSR, is not to be wasted. I am not sure what would’ve happened to me and my dismal English back in the late nineties, if I hadn’t met Sergey Vladimirovich. To cut a long story short, please, enjoy your sessions and spread the word about this truly inspirational teacher, more people should be aware of the existing opportunity to study English under Sergey Vladimirovich Monakhov`s watchful guidance!

I am afraid I will have to finish this missive on a somewhat banal note, but this motto has really helped me to get thus far – "Opportunities frequently come dressed as work".

Best of British to you all,

Илья Пригожин, Лондон

214014, г. Смоленск,
ул. Энгельса, 23А
3-й этаж
Тел.: 8-910-760-1214;
67-33-07; 65-69-83
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