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Занятия с группой в Амстердаме



слушатели курсов английского языка вернулись из интереснейшей поездки по Западной Европе.

Как и было обещано, на главной странице представляем вашему вниманию фотографии и краткий видеоотчет о поездке.


Амстердам весной


Dear students!

I encourage you to dream your most indiscreet dreams! They will all come true for those hardworking and determined. One of Mr. Monakhov's favourite sayings has always been "90 percent of inspiration is perspiration". Most of my dreams did come true. And he has a lot to do with it.

When I look back I recall myself being a regular boy. But I was really keen to learning English yearning to go to the USA one day. I sat up weeks studying new words, dialogs, topics and what not and by 9-th grade there was no stopping me. I was the best in my class (sorry, Mr. Prigozhin - I'm sure you've caught up by now and mastered your English to the perfection - but at that time it was me who starred).

At that time of life Mr. Monakhow took our group up and before you could say knife he became our #1 teacher. It was he who organized USA-grand-sponsored and thus dirt-cheap trip to the States for 10 top senior students and 3 teachers him included. That was when my first big dream came true. We spent 3 never-to-be-forgotten weeks in the Great Lakes State and a couple of days in NY, where we managed to visit one of the World Trade Center buildings, ruined in 9/11 attack later on.

When in Michigan we all lived in real American families, we visited schools and other places (the movies, the theatre, cafes, bowling clubs, etc.) What an experience!

In a sence it was a sort of a 3-weeks-out-of-school-English-lesson Mr. Monakhov arranged for us. (And we had to put down 5 new expressions every day). I really appreciate what he did to us!

My dreams continued to come true after that. I have been to England, Australia and South Pacific heaven-like islands by now. I've graduated from the top Russian University majoring in English-Russian translation, I've worked in the Russian National Central Bureau of Interpol's division cooperating with Europol. And now I'm the Development Director of the International Police Center (see article).

And I praise my teacher Sergey Vladimirovich Monaknov who works hard to inspire people to become the ones you see on the front page of his website.

The reason I wrote all of the above is to show you how lucky you are to have a new year of study with this outstanding, legendary, top-class teacher. I congratulate you with that!!! May all your wishes come true! Study hard, remember the saying I wrote. And I hope to read your stories of how Mr. Monakhov and the English language affected your lives.



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